Is Your Boiler Due an Imminent Repair?

Considering how important the boiler is, especially in the UK where we heavily depend on it during the cold winter months, it's important for us to be able to spot when it's performing not quite as it should be. Failure to do so could result in the need for an expensive boiler repair or even the need for a replacement boiler. 

Hence, we've listed just a couple of signs for you to look out for...

Cold water

This is a sign that you shouldn't need our help identifying, but if after you've turned the shower on and the water is still cold, despite the warm water being switched on, it's likely there's a problem with your boiler. A lack of warm water might be as a result of an issue with the airlock or as a result of a break in the motorised valve.

Alternatively, if there's a constant need to keep on switching the warm water on and waiting for the boiler's tank to refill, you might benefit from replacing and upgrading your boiler. We offer a boiler installation service throughout Bury, Bolton, Manchester and all the surrounding areas.

Cold radiators

Cold radiators can sometimes be fixed with a simple rebalance/bleed. If that fails, you can try power flushing your central heating system. However, if that fails, there's likely an underlying problem with your boiler. 

Low water pressure

Take a look at the pressure gauge on the boiler, it should give a reading between one and two bars of atmosphere pressure. If the pressure gauge gives a reading below one, the pressure of the boiler is set too low, resulting in low water pressure. There are a few how-to guides on the Internet that you can follow on how to realign the pressure, but if you're unsure or would rather leave it to a professional, we'd recommend calling out a qualified gas engineer to do it instead. 

Additionally, It's best to book an annual boiler service so an engineer can make sure the pressure level is set in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. 

Boiler noises

A boiler that's due an imminent repair will start to make strange, often quite loud noises. These noises might range from kettling noises (sound of a kettle reaching boiling point) or loud bangs and gurgles. 

If you can hear kettling noises, it might be a sign that there's limescale on the heat exchanger. If you can hear loud bangs or gurgles, it might be a sign that there's trapped air in the system that needs to be displaced. Either way, we'd recommend calling out a gas engineer to double check and fix the issue.

Central heating keeps on turning off

If the central heating turns off before the house has had chance to properly warm up, it might be a sign that there's a problem with the water pressure or thermostat. Or, common during the winter months, the condensate pipes might have frozen over. Either way, call out an engineer so they can undertake a full assessment. 

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