FAQ's for Boiler Servicing

We've compiled a list of FAQ's for all of our customers in Bury, Bolton, Manchester etc. re: Boiler servicing and its importance. 

Should I service my boiler?  

We understand - Getting your boiler serviced when there appears to be nothing wrong seems unnecessary, but by booking an annual boiler service, you can ensure that your boiler remains efficient, safe and is compliant with recommendations in the manufacturers handbook. In other words, book an annual boiler service and reduce the cost of your energy bills and keep your home and family safe!

My boiler is brand new, do I still need to service my boiler?

Yes, even if you have just installed a brand new boiler, it is still highly recommended that you annually service your boiler for the above reasons. Also, most boiler manufacturers offer an extended warranty/guarantee after installation. Your warranty/guarantee will invalidate if you do not service your boiler, meaning you won't be covered for any breakdowns. 
Additionally, why waste all of that money on a brand new boiler if you're not going to look after it? Think of a boiler service like an annual service on a car. 

Am I legally required to service my boiler? 

As a regular homeowner, no, it is not a legal requirement to service your boiler. However, if you're a landlord, you are legally required to ensure that your boiler is annually serviced and all other gas appliances are checked. 

How long does a boiler service take? 

A boiler service can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour to complete, it mainly depends on the age of the boiler and how many parts need to be checked/realigned. 

Can anybody service my boiler?

No, it needs to be a Gas Safe Registered engineer that services your boiler. 

What is included in a boiler service?

We'll fire up the boiler to ensure that everything is working as it should be, check for gas and water leaks, check for fuel wastage, check all components underneath the boiler casing like the heat exchanger and any magnetic filters in place, check and clear the boilers flue and clean all boiler parts as required.

Book a boiler service with us in Bury

To book a boiler service with our Bury-based gas engineers, you can fill out our contact form or give the office a call on 0161 943 6622. 
We offer boiler servicing in Bury, Bolton, Tottington, Ramsbottom, Sale, Manchester, Middleton, Stockport, Worsley, Swinton and all surrounding areas.