Why pay more for less? Choosing a new boiler? What should you consider?

Why pay more for less? Choosing a new boiler? What should you consider?

As an experienced heating engineer we often hear the same frustrated comments from customers such as ‘I paid a lot of money for this boiler’ and ‘I thought that they were supposed to be reliable as I read this in the which report’

Too often customers are victims of a great marketing team at large manufacturers and questionable survey results from consumer magazines such as Which? For example, did you know that manufacturers have been asked to pay to appear in this survey? Also, the engineers surveyed are cherry picked from approved installers schemes from specific manufacturers who are involved in this survey and not a general survey open to all Gas Safe engineers. It’s the same as a child marking his or her own homework.

The main question we ask our customers when deciding on a new boiler for their property is simple, would you prefer one where the water carrying sections are made out of brass or plastic? Now a normal assumption would be that the brass one would be more expensive but this is often not the case.  For example, a Worcester 30SI would cost you in the region of £1000 roughly to buy but a Main Eco 30 of a similar spec is £750. Both of these are almost identical apart from one key factor the Worcester’s ‘Hydroblock’ is made from plastic while the main is made from brass.

Why is this so important? I have attended literally hundreds of Worcester Bosch boilers (and other manufacturers) with plastic hydroblocks that have pin holed, split and degraded and caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage due to leaking through ceilings, ruining kitchen worktops and carcasses.

We always encourage to installation of manufacturers that use quality components such as Brass Hydroblocks and Stainless-steel heat exchanger as these boilers will be the ones that tend to last 15 years plus whereas the boilers with a plastic hydroblock and aluminium heat exchanger will struggle to last 10.