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Offering our powerflushing services throughout Greater Manchester, covering Bury, Bolton, Tottington, Ramsbottom, Manchester, Stockport and all surrounding areas.

Noticed a gradual drop in the performance of your central heating system in recent months? Your home might be due a powerflush. Please get in touch with our gas engineers in Bury so we can powerflush your entire system and help you warm your home like never before.
You can call our office in Bury on 0161 943 6622 or use the contact details down below. 

What is a powerflush?

Even if you've just replaced your boiler, it will leave deposits of rust, sludge and other debris throughout the central heating system as it functions. The problem? Debris not only decreases the efficiency of the boiler, it can also damage the central heating system completely, resulting in a potentially very costly repair. The solution? A powerflush. 

When we powerflush your home, we'll inject water throughout the entire the central heating system at a high velocity to remove all rust, sludge and other debris that is otherwise influencing the performance of system. We'll also add powerful cleansing and mobilising agents to further improve the cleansing process, ensuring your system is left with fresh, clean water
Powerflushing is hassle-free, there's no mess and all you're left with is a healthy boiler/central heating system...

See below to find out if you're due a powerflush by us in Bury, Bolton, Manchester etc...

Are you due a powerflush?

Look out for these signs...

  • Radiators taking their time to heat 
  • Loud banging noises coming from the boiler 
  • Black or brown sludgy water in the heating system
  • A magnet can stick to the copper pipework, indication of rust!

Contact us for a powerflush in Bury, Bolton...

To get in touch with our engineers and book a powerflush with our team, please:

- Call us on 0161 943 6622
- Email us at: info@richardshandp.com
- FIll in our contact form with additional information

We'll look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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